Thank you for visiting my blog. Even though I did a degree in English Literature four years ago it has taken all that time for me to realise that I love to write. I have always loved to read. Ever since I picked up that dusty copy of Jane Eyre and in my imagination I watched this little girl grow up in a matter of five hundred or so pages. It was magical to me that writing words on a page could send people on journey’s without even leaving their bedroom. From a young age I knew that I would never have many friends and so I gathered up as many books as I could and they became my friends instead.


But as to writing myself, I have always written mini stories trying to work out things that have happened in my life. I was badly bullied growing up so I have a lot of stories about the person who bullied me being punished in one way or another. I have just never had the confidence to show anyone anything that I have written. My husband set up a blog for me to write book reviews of around two years ago and I wrote so many reviews but they all stayed as drafts. You can imagine how much I am kicking myself now. I started this blog in late September 2015 and I have had such a good reaction. My friends are reading what I have to say and other people have also been taking note. The authors are also reading what I think of their books and they are writing back. Isn’t that just insane? The first time it happened I ran up the stairs and down the stairs about 10 times shouting ‘Holy Moly an actual author just spoke to me’. It is the strangest but most euphoric feeling and it has really kick started my passion for writing. I am ¾ of the way through my first book and I am loving every step of the process. It is a massive confidence boost to someone who has always suffered with low self-esteem.


I simply must point out that I have also discovered a wonderful community of book reviewers, I had no idea that so many people did and instead of being in competition over most views, as I instantly thought would happen, they welcomed me with open arms. Advice and guidance are given to anyone who asks and everyone actually reads the other people’s blogs. It is like a large online book club where you can compare thoughts and opinions and learn from each other.


Thank you for reading this and I hope you enjoy reading my thoughts on books. I am happy to review books for anyone. I do this for my friend Stacey at the moment as she gets me to read books before she decides if she is going to buy them or not. It’s quite flattering that she values my opinion so much (must remember not to tell her about this post hehe!) So I’d love it if anyone wanted to comment/email/tweet/facebook me.

Happy Reading Book Lovers!

Professional Reader

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