Letting in Light by Emma Davies

Letting in Light


I had the pleasure of meeting Emma Davies at an event that I went to in April. It is fair to say that her books are as interesting as she is -  I loved this book and finished it in four hours.


This book is a fantastic exploration of character development. I loved seeing the characters evolve over the course of the book. We first meet Ellie and Will and it clear that they are both damaged by the evil actions of other people. It was interesting to see how Ellie recognised the fact that Will was struggling with inner demons just like her. All the people we meet with Ellie were realistic, and each of them had a story and warmth that made this book really special. Village life is explored, and the sense of restoring the idea of ‘community’ was a brilliant touch. I am one of those that longs to go back to where you would actually know who your neighbours were and get to know them so that theme in the book really resonated with me.


There is no doubt that this book isn’t what I call ‘fluffy’ fiction; boy meets girl and the plot is relatively simple, and the romance is at the fore. Emma Davies has dealt with and explored some very sensitive issues. I can’t say exactly what without spoiling the plot, but I can say that it was a very unique revelation towards the end. Emma has written a heart-warming read, but she has subtly examined the human psyche in regards to how other people’s actions can dramatically affect how you feel about yourself. I loved the questions that it prompted, and I liked reading about people finding the strength inside to overcome tragedy.


This was an easy, but thought-provoking read and Emma’s narrative style was a pleasure to read, and I’m looking forward to reading more from her.


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