The Needle House by Robin Roughley

The actual needle house

This book was my first read in a while. I’ve been crazily sorting my own book out, and my book reviewing and personal reading have taken a hit. After meeting Robin at an event, I couldn’t wait to read his book.


I have to admit it did take a while to hook me. I enjoyed getting to know all the different characters in the book but because there were so many different people it took me a while to get to know them and understand their relevance. I have to say that considering he had so many personalities to flesh out, no one was flat or dull. Each character was well thought out and intriguing.


The narrative in this book was unusual as it wasn't limited to one person's point of view. It made it interesting and comic at times to 'hear' certain character's reactions to those they were interacting with. It is great that this book is certainly scary in parts, but there is also a realism and a few one liners that have you chuckling which lightens the tone. My favourite hands down: 'Ronnie had adopted the role of slave driver' and a certain PC's 'audition for Crime Watch'.


It sounds awful but the more people that got killed, the more it gripped me. I had so many theories that I was pretty sure my head was going to explode. I thought it was a very subtle plot; it was clever how nothing was revealed and as a reader, I actually felt as lost as the police did in trying to work out who was responsible. I don’t want to give too much away, but I have to say it is a very action packed ending.


I think what sets Robin apart from any other books I’ve read in this genre is that he takes a whole host of different people and thoroughly explores them. You get so many different perspectives and attitudes to the tragic and terrifying events that are happening. It makes for unique reading, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.


Now onto the next one!



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